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Willow House  West Texas Design Hotel featured in Architectural Digest

Specializing In Remote, Eclectic Design Projects

In a world of the mundane and cookie cutter designs, the unique and eccentric design concepts of  Wilson and Clark shine.


Our desire is to create a visually stimulating, yet comfortable environment while maintaining our client's individual lifestyle and interests in the in the vision. We work closely with our clients to personally design for each individual project with an emphasis on contemporary mid century modern and rustic modern architectural styles.


Our residential and commercial interior and exterior design projects are award winning. Whether it be from the ground up or a new twist on an existing property, let Wilson and Clark provide you with a pleasant and professional design experience.

Willow House  West Texas Design Hotel featured in Architectural Digest

Featured in

Architectural Digest


This West Texas Design Hotel Is the Ultimate Escape

Tucked away in the remote town of Terlingua, the new Willow House uses thoughtfully conceived architecture to underscore the area’s breathtaking natural beauty.

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